A Better World Starts With Better       Relationships

BRPI Offers : 

Courses and sacred spaces to build strong relationships with everyone in your life, starting with yourself.


Come Learn How To See Yourself And Grow Yourself Through Better Relationships


Building more meaningful relationships with everyone in your life.

Quality time with ourselves and others is a precious commodity. Learn how to put what matters most at the center of everything you do.

Removing all self doubt and cultivate trust within yourself.

Learn the key to conquer distraction and stay on the your unique path with confidence.

Developing character and leadership skills.

Discover sound leadership skills that produces more cooperation, self- initiations and circular power within the team.

Your Imagination is your only limitation

Build Your Heaven on Earth World

BRPs unique approach to Building Relationship Skills is self-paced and encouraging

Through our membership program, participants sign up and declare citizenship in Heaven One World. The beauty of this world is that it is designed by it’s citizens.

In this world, the more one learns the more one earns. Self-Trust is the currency. Wisdom is the wealth.


         Since we already know LOVE NEVER FAILS, now let us look why RELATIONSHIPS NEVER FAIL. 

Where will you begin?

BRP partners with the Science of Life (SOL) University, Project Butterfly Queens and The Lion King Project in order to provide the most up-to-date knowledge of self, relationship power educational courses, tools, resources and a sacred space.

Anyone interested in building relationship power can gain access to our courses by becoming a member of the BRP Institute. 

Science of Life University

Here at the Sol University you will get a comprehensive discussion that draws out the fundamental knowledge of who you are and your unique purpose. 

Our flagship course is the Natural Born Leadership Academy

This curriculum re-orientates you to the purpose of Life. Each individual, through a self-paced, self-study curriculum, engages in a journey into their own powerful and amazing world.

Project Butterfly Queens

Thanks to technology, women across the globe are intuitively reconnecting through womb work. In this powerful circle, true sisterhood is developed and explored. 

The crowning achievement of all Queens is to Walk the InpowerHERed Path of the Queendom through the self-activation of all of HER Power in order to SEE, BE and Enjoy HER True Self.

In this powerful circle, true sisterhood is developed and explored. Each circle has a guide, however all women in the group are teachers, sharing their life experiences and wisdom with one another. This group is for women and girls ages 10 and up.

The Lion King Project

This is a brotherhood circle designed to awaken the roar in men and boys that is confidence driven instead of ego driven through a maturation and balancing of the divine masculine energy.

The crowning achievement of all Kings is to Walk the InpoweROARed Path of the Kingdom through the self-activation of all of his Power in order to SEE, BE and Enjoy His True Self.


See what people are saying about us. 

Natalie J

Producer/Host THE NIGHT TRAIN 1430 AM KCOH Houston, TX

I met Dr. Stephanie Jupiter because of her daughter Heaven and her mother Peggy. Our encounter was very familiar. Like spirits is what I would call that.

Many years ago, I heard of the principles that Dr Jupiter speak about. However, my introduction from other speakers previously was not very palatable. So, from time to time, I would remember and choose to forget… especially if the reality was too harsh.

Listening to Dr. Jupiter in her very quiet manner, speaking about things a person of her age, should not know, I found her words to awaken the sleeping giant within me.

I invited Dr Jupiter to 1430 AM KCOH on my show, The Night Train. My training is in investigative reporting and I was so proud to see how prepared Dr. Jupiter was.

I wanted to ask the questions and receive the answers, so my listeners, no matter what level they were on, would understand the message from Dr. Jupiter. And they did. I received calls after the segment requesting more information concerning “relationships.”

It is my pleasure to write this snap shot of a powerful encounter. I hope that you will attend the lectures or seminars…and definitely read the books.

Dr. Jupiter is very gifted and willing to share her gifts with many.

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