Build your Heaven on Earth World

Restore Relationship Peace in Every Area of Your LIFE

BRP’s mission is to support you in building your Heavenly World while here on earth. The first tool you will need to sharpen is healthy relationship skills.

Can we count on you to make the commitment by joining us as a member of the BRP Institute?

In a world of over 7 billion people, our initial goal is to have 10 million active relationship power builders members enroll annually.

We know you may already be out there doing the work, carrying the torch for your family and for your community. Now let us join together collectively and allow our torch flames to illuminate a clear path and inspire all 7 billion-plus people to Build Relationship Power.

The goal is to touch at least 10 million people a year and reduce the number of citizens in the world who have not been formally educated in basic relationship power-building skills.

Partner with us by continuing to spread the word about our collective consciousness evolving platform.

With the BRP Institute membership you get: