About Us

Our Goal

Operating since 2004, Building Relationship Power Institute (BRP)’s main goal is to reduce the number of citizens who have not had a formal education in relationships.

Most people around the world have not had a formal relationship education causing them to approach relationships hap-hazardously. Those who have not had a formal relationship education are unaware of what relationships are designed to do and therefore lack the skills necessary to maximize resources in their relationships.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

What happens to a society when majority of the citizens in it has forgotten how to fish? The BRP education goes beyond the immediate physical needs and educates on how to establish a strong foundation to live a life of wisdom, abundance, peace and fulfillment.

This is all achieved by learning to align with the nature and purpose of all relationships, remembering how “to fish.”

What We Do

project butterfly houston

A Project Butterfly - Houston Retreat

The BRP Institute is an educational consulting firm, specifically designed to transform the way we see, think and apply relationships and power; causing a paradigm shift from wanting to have power over people to developing and building power with people.

We employ relationship power builders who are skilled at developing the human infrastructure necessary to physically manifest healthy relationships, i.e. outcomes.

Using a specialized curriculum, Relationship Power Builders help their constituents identify the source of their Relationship Structural Damage and then provide them with the tools needed to repair it.

Over the past 15 years, BRPI has been serving various communities through collaborations with other organizations and/or hosting various types of classes and events.

Meet our founder and executive director: Dr. Stephanie Jupiter

stephanie jupiter

Dr. Stephanie Jupiter

Stephanie Jupiter Bio

Dr. Stephanie Jupiter is a practicing podiatrist and the executive director of the Building Relationship Power Institute.

Stephanie arrived in Houston, nine months pregnant, just two days prior to Hurricane Katrina landing in her home town of New Orleans, Louisiana. She had no idea that Hurricane Katrina would be so instrumental in awakening her present course in life.

In New Orleans, Dr. Jupiter had a very successful and innovative practice as a podiatrist. She combined the philosophies she had learned from her parents as a child with her own desires to understand human nature and many of her misunderstood experiences about her own life.

Her practice grew as she assisted her patients with the treatment of physical illnesses, in conjunction with understanding the root of some of the emotional challenges they were encountering.

Hurricane Katrina transplanting Dr. Jupiter and her family to Houston would become the answer to her own personal development. One of her greatest desires is to assist people to reach a greater understanding and acceptance of "who they are."

Dr. Jupiter is also the founder of the Science of Life (SOL) University and author of “The Power Codes, The Language and Habits of the most Powerful People on the Planet.” Dr. Stephanie also conducts ongoing classes, seminars and trainings on purpose discovery and relationship/team building for individuals, families and staff.

Stephanie's Philosophy

 All of life is beautiful. There is no such thing as ugly. Life consistently presents things to us we do not understand, yet in order to facilitate the joy of living, which is learning more about self everyday. We all naturally have the ability to understand how we create tests and patterns for ourselves through our behavior and our relationship with others. This understanding is critical to every individual’s growth and development.

Yes, we know that sounds a little flowery. However, let's take a look at what she is suggesting.

For example, in relationships between men and women, any degree of chaos or discord between the two indicates an opportunity for them to learn from each other. The discord does not have to result from what the other person is doing so much as how one responds to the experience.

If you wish to begin to understand how you can acquire a peaceful life and more progressive relationships with everyone now, then read The Recipes for Self Love and enroll in the SOL University today.